Wild Salmon Leaping

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excerpt from Return of the Ancient Mariners

On the rocky beach the men of Makah’s camp were fishing with nets, hooks and pronged spears. Every night there was a great feast of salmon roasted on a bed of sticks with roots. The camp was set up against a rocky cliff behind us with a corral in the front for protection. All the men were equipped with at least two stolid spears with eight inch fluted stone heads flaked and sharp as razors. Many were busy making new spear points and spears. Young boys watched as the men made tools and ran to get things as needed. Little boys and girls played games of ball in the village. A small boy came right up to Phil, touched him and ran away smiling. Following him, a little girl ran toward Tim and tugged at his hand. Beside houses made of tule reeds, beautiful women appeared with endearing eyes. It was spring and the snow was melting, the streams were flowing full of cold spring water. The clover and grasses were green and the buds were full of nutrients. Wildflowers were blooming in bursts of color along streams and meadows.

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